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AguaRaider, LLC is a Texas corporation with the home office in Uvalde, TX. The company has a patent pending process for disposal of oil & gas and other industrial wastewaters. The process can reduce the wastewater volume by as much as 90%, depending on a number of factors, with the AguaRaider Wastewater Pretreatment Module. The integrated processes will save costs of transport and conventional disposal for exploration & production operators and other industrial companies.

The AguaRaider Unit (ARU) disposal process uses a direct evaporation process for disposal of the wastewater, using natural gas or other gas source. The physical size of the ARU unit is 13 feet wide, 45 feet long and 45 feet total height. The AguaRaider Wastewater Pretreatment Module is 10 feet wide and the configuration is less than 53 feet in length. The Wastewater Pretreatment Module is a patent pending process incorporating a combination of effective treatment technologies and control of those processes to achieve optimum results.

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