‘Clean Brine’ Production

The AguaRaider Evaporation Technology in concert with the Wastewater Pretreatment Module can produce ‘Clean Brine’ as a by-produce of the evaporation process.

The concentrated brine liquid solution can be used as ‘Clean Brine’. ‘Clean Brine’ is used during the oil or gas well drilling and fracking operations. The quality of the ‘clean brine’ needs to be low suspended solids, low metals, low hardness and high dissolved solids (primarily sodium and chlorides). Depending on the TDS of the produced water, AguaRaider and produce the #10 Brine (‘Clean Brine’) or greater weight.

The potential volume of ‘Clean Brine’ produced is directly related to the % evaporation efficiency of the ARU. If the ARU influent is 100,000 ppm of TDS, 2,400 BPD and 50% evaporation efficiency, 1,200 barrels per day of water will be evaporated as steam. The remaining 1,200 barrels per day will be the ‘Clean Brine’ with 200,000 ppm TDS concentration in the brine, equating to 20# Clean Brine. Adjusting the % evaporation efficiency will produce more or less volume of ‘Clean Brine’.

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