Wastewater Pretreatment Module

AguaRaider, LLC will integrate wastewater pretreatment module (WPM) into the AguaRaider Direct Evaporation Technology Unit (ARU) for pretreatment of wastewater to be the influent into the ARU. The WPM is intended to reduce the concentrations of total suspended solids, hydrocarbons, organics, inorganics, metals and total dissolved solids from the wastewater to be disposed of in the ARU.

The purpose of the WPM is two-fold; (1) reduce the organics in the wastewater to reduce the total VOCs in the evaporated water (steam); (2) reduce hydrocarbons, metals and dissolved solids to improve evaporation efficiency and reduce fouling & deposition in the brine concentrate section of the ARU.

The AguaRaider Wastewater Pretreatment Module can also treat O&G wastewaters for reuse in drilling & fracking operations.

The quality of treated water will be low in suspended solids, low iron concentration, low calcium/magnesium concentration, low organics and low hydrocarbon concentration.

The combination of the AguaRaider Wastewater Pretreatment Module and AguaRaider Direct Evaporation Unit can assist clients in the major elements of oil & gas water management. AguaRaider can provide technical professionals with many years of industrial and oil & gas water management experience.

AguaRaider Wastewater Pretreatment Module

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